September 22, 2018

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  • Op-ed: Listen to the women, Morsi

    The assertive women's vote may well tip the balance towards a more liberal democracy in Egypt in the future.

    BY WAFAA WALI I volunteered as a civil proctor in the second round of the referendum on Egypt’s new constitution. I had been part of the revolution since the beginning, have done the walks, cheering, dangerous bits and pieces, contributions, distribution of flyers and collection of data.  But I have not become a member of any political or social group. I still somehow value my position as an officially non-aligned member of the community. I attended the crash training session on the rights and role of a civil proctor the night before the event. Early next day, a bus drove…

    Detained activists released

    The scorching heat didn't deter women from lining up to cast their vote at Almaza School.

    BY SAFAA ABDOUN Cairo: Reports of the arrest of activists and journalists marred the first day of Egypt’s contentious presidential election runoff pitting ex-regime icon Ahmed Shafik against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi. According to Mahmoud Afify, official spokesman of the April 6 Youth Movement, 30 members of the group were arrested near polling stations in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Minya and Beheira but were released by the prosecutor several hours later. “They were standing in front of the polling stations carrying the pictures of the martyrs to remind people of those who gave up their lives for Egypt,” said Afify….

    Editorial: The final chapter

    Protesters pray in front of the Constitutional Court Thursday as they wait for the verdict.

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: In his hospital bed at Tora prison, Egypt’s old tyrant must be reveling in satisfaction, seeing that his legacy lives on, as he watches protégé Ahmed Shafik rise from the ashes of his regime and stick his tongue out to the “revolution.” Backed by his uniformed loyal subjects in the military council, a complicit judicial system and his son’s business cronies, Mubarak must be preparing his suitcase, ready to start a new life as an ex-president in Sharm El-Sheikh. The Supreme Constitutional Court Thursday ruled in favor of Shafik, declaring parliament’s amendments to the political…

    Polling stations not accessible to all

    Polling station

    BY DALIA RABIE Cairo: The low turnout at the presidential election has been attributed to many factors, from the lack of faith in the electoral process to the scorching heat. But another factor that is often overlooked is the inaccessibility of polling stations to people with disabilities. Concerned parties hold the Presidential Election Committee (PEC) responsible for the failure to make polling stations accessible to people with disabilities, thus excluding a significant number of voters. There are no concrete statistics regarding the number of people with special needs in Egypt. According to some polls, they constitute around 10-12 percent of…

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