November 14, 2018

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  • The Egypt-Israel peace test

    File photo of the Egypt-Israel border.

    BY ITAMAR RABINOVICH and TAMARA WITTES  Washington, DC – The rocket strikes that a militant Islamist group recently fired from the Egyptian Sinai into the Israeli city of Eilat served as yet another reminder of how delicate bilateral relations remain two years after Egypt’s revolution. Terrorist activity could easily cause a crisis on the border, with the potential to trigger an unwanted confrontation that would threaten the peace treaty that normalized bilateral relations in 1979. To avoid such an outcome, Israel and Egypt must take convincing action now to uphold the treaty. Last November, when hostilities erupted in Gaza, Egyptian…

    Morsi and US, Egypt, Israeli relations

    Morsi IMF Campd David2

    BY AMRO ALI In 2007, Mohammed Morsi, then chairman of the Brotherhood’s political department and member of the Executive Bureau, complained of the inability of Washington to match its rhetoric on promoting democracy in Egypt. He said that Israel had no interest in a democratic Egypt as it, “would do more to support the Palestinians.” Now Morsi, having brokered a Gaza ceasefire has shown that his policy on the Palestinians is no more imaginative than Mubarak-era policies and, partly as a result of US approval, has undertaken a democratic rollback that has ignited Egypt’s streets. Morsi has inadvertently, and in…

    Op-ed: Hands off Syria?

    Screen grab from an AFP video dated late September 2012, shows Syrian rebel fighters.

    BY HAROLD BROWN WASHINGTON, DC – More than any of the previous events in the Arab Spring, Syria’s turmoil has presented serious difficulties for Western policymakers. Just as Syria comprises a more complex society than the other Arab countries currently in the throes of political transition, so, too, are its external relations more complex. As a result, any attempt at decisive military intervention would be not only difficult, but also extremely risky. Syria’s leading role in Lebanon, even after withdrawing its occupying forces there, is only one complication. Another is Alawite-minority rule in a Sunni-majority country, which makes Syria a…

    Op-ed: Does Egypt deserve US aid?

    Providing billions in aid to some states doesn't always allow you to set conditions.

    BY NOUR BAKR The notion of aid is a notoriously slippery one. The US pledged $45 million of it to the Syrian rebels, annually gives a large amount of it to Israel, and in the 1980s accidentally scribbled an “s” at the end of it to create its deadly plural form (unproven science). Days ago however, news emerged that a $450 million aid package for Egypt was blocked by a US house committee chairwoman on the basis that she was “not convinced of the urgent need for this assistance”. Now, many will be aware that under he who shall not…

    Does US want democratic Egypt?

    Screen grab from an interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during an official visit to Egypt days before the March 2011 referendum on constitutional amendments.

    BY SARA KHORSHID Cairo: It’s understandable that each country is entitled to pursue its national interests, and that one country’s national interest may partially conflict with that of another. But it’s difficult to comprehend how a country’s interests would be fixated around  the Middle East’s stability, and Israel’s security —  to the bitter end.Before Egypt’s January 2011 revolution, US President Barack Obama ignored calls by pro-democracy advocates against the American alliance with the ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak. But even the revolution has not been enough proof to convince American decision makers that stability under a US- and Israel-friendly, yet dictatorial…

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