November 15, 2019

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  • In Pictures: At Palace, masses demand Morsi’s removal

    CAIRO: In an unprecedented scene of mass mobilization in front of the Ittihadiya Presidential Palace, tens of thousands of protesters gathered to chant in unison against Egypt’s first freely elected president as he barely completes one year in office. Spurred by a three-month old grassroots signature campaign, Tamarod, which demanded a withdrawal of confidence from President Morsi, ho hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, and holding early elections, Egyptians flooded squares all over the country, in what some say are protests that far exceeded their counterparts in 2011. Across the city in Tahrir Square, tens of thousands were making similar demands,…

    In Pictures: Calm in Ittihadiya as protesters file in

    CAIRO – The vicinity of Ittihadiya Palace, the official seat of the presidency in Cairo’s Heliopolis neighborhood, was calm as anti-Morsi protesters slowly filed in to prepare for what many have dubbed a decisive day in Egypt’s troubled transition to democracy. In the meantime the President has moved to Kobba Palace, according to a foreign press center circular inviting correspondents to a 5 pm press conference. For weeks, grassroots anti-Morsi campaign Tamarod has been gearing up for this day where they plan to demand President Morsi’s resignation and early elections, backed by their alleged collection of over 22 million signatures…

    Editorial: No Method in Egypt’s Madness

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo – This is it. Less than 12 hours to go before the moment of truth. It is possible that the future of Egypt’s incomplete revolution will be decided by the events of June 30, the day set by grassroots Tamarod campaign to lead mass protests to withdraw confidence from Egypt’s first freely elected civilian president, and demand early elections one year into his term. At a rather chaotic press conference by the Tamarod leaders on the eve of zero hour, one of their many spokesmen claimed the petition had collected over 22 million signatures nationwide and…

    In Pictures: Selections from Tahrir, Ittihadiya, Nasr City

    CAIRO – On the last Friday before planned June 30 mass rallies called for by grassroots Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign demanding early presidential elections, pro and anti-Morsi protestors flexed their muscles with coordinated street action across the nation. In Tahrir Square, where throngs of anti-Morsi protesters converged and have started a sit-in, and in Nasr City at Rabaa El Adaweyya Mosque Square, where their opponents congregated in the tens of thousands, the day went by in peace. But parallel protests in Alexandria, where two were killed during clashes between both sides – one of them and American who was stabbed to death…

    Tamarod stokes revolution against Mursi

    BY MAI SHAMS EL-DIN Cairo – Full of enthusiasm, Iman El-Mahdy, member of Tamarod (Rebel) campaign says she never expected that the dream she shared with a group of her friends would become reality. Tamarod, a grassroots movement petitioning for a withdrawal of confidence from President Mohamed Mursi, in office since June 2012, announced last week that they had already collected 2 million signatures against Egypt’s first ever elected civilian president. The campaign has set a target of 15 million signatures by the end of June, when mass protests are scheduled to coincide with the first anniversary of Islamist-backed Mursi’s…

    In Pictures: Protesters call for early elections

    Cairo – Several thousand protesters converged in marches to Tahrir Square on May 17 spurred by the ‘Tamarod’ (Rebellion) campaign. The grassroots  movement aims to withdraw confidence from Egypt’s elected President Mursi and bring about early elections. They have claimed to have collected 2 million signatures so far, but are targeting 15 million by the end of June to mark one year of Mursi’s term in office. Islamist leaders have criticized the campaign as “illogical”. According to several news reports, former Freedom and Justice Party MP and leading member of the party Mohamed El-Beltagy said : “I call on the…

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