November 15, 2019

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  • Forty-six victims of mob sexual assault in Tahrir Sunday

    BY LEYLA DOSS Cairo – During nationwide mass protests Sunday demanding the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, more than 46 cases of mob sexual assault were reported in Tahrir Square, according to  support initiative Operation Anti-Sexual Assault/Harassment  (Op Anti-SH). The recent cases come on the heels of five others which took place in the iconic square during mass protests on Friday. Traditionally, when crowds swell, the risk of mob sexual assault increases, but the sheer number of attacks Sunday, sent shock waves among activists, who believe that the numbers may have been even higher but were not reported. Jermeen Nasr,…

    In Pictures: Violent clashes mar anti-judiciary protest

    Thousands of protesters belonging to Islamist parties, led by the ruling Freedom and Justice, gathered in front of Egypt’s Supreme Court to demand a purge of the judiciary in a scene that descended into chaos as they clashed with anti-Islamists, hurling stones and firing buckshot and Molotovs at each other, leaving over 100 wounded.  

    Op-ed: New faces, old lies, same denial

    BY ASMAA EL GAMMAL The morning after Tuesday’s massive demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi’s recent constitutional declaration, the Freedom and Justice Party’s message was loud and clear: Tahrir is not to be taken seriously.   On the front page of the party’s newspaper, the headline read: “Revolutionaries, folol (former regime remnants) and peddlers in Tahrir Square. Disregarding the chants of tens of thousands of protesters outraged by the President’s declaration of invincible powers, the FJP’s mouthpiece chose to focus on a handful of corn-sellers to suggest that it was nothing more than a gathering of revolution-haters and petty salesmen.  …

    Egypt holds its breath

    BY OMAR ASHOUR Cairo: “You are the authority, above any other authority. You are the protectors, whoever seeks protection away from you is a fool … and the army and the police are hearing me,” said Egypt’s president-elect, Mohamed Morsi, to hundreds of thousands in Tahrir Square. A man imprisoned following the “Friday of Rage” (January 28, 2011) took the presidential oath in Tahrir on a “Friday of Power Transfer” (June 29, 2011). But he almost did not. Ten days earlier, on June 19, I was with a group of former Egyptian MPs in Tahrir Square. One received a phone…

    Morsi wins, Tahrir euphoric

    BY FARAH SAAFAN Cairo: With roaring cheers, ecstatic dancing and tears of joy, thousands of Egyptians in Tahrir Square celebrated the victory of Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate and now Egypt’s 1st post Mubarak president. Morsi, who ran against Ahmed Shafik, Mubarak’s last prime minister, is Egypt’s fifth president and the first civilian to hold the top post, giving Egyptians more reasons to celebrate. If you can’t see the video, please click here.

    MPs avoid PA showdown

    BY SARAH EL SIRGANY and RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: It was hyped up as a confrontation between military-led state institutions and election legitimacy, but the anticlimactic arrival of a handful of members of the recently dissolved parliament on Tuesday revealed that no one had confrontation in mind except some enthusiastic protesters. On Monday night, an official at the Freedom and Justice Party, whose MPs constitute the bigger part of the Islamist majority, said that MPs will march to parliament on Tuesday to attend the session as scheduled. The same official, Yasser Ali, was vague about the prospect of confrontation. The…

    Democracy’s growing pains

    BY SAFAA ABDOUN Cairo: No sooner were the preliminary results of Egypt’s first post-Mubarak election announced, anger, attacks and accusations rippled through the streets of Egypt. Much to voters’ dismay, the results pit the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi against  Mubarak’s last prime minister Ahmed Shafik in a controversial face-off leading Egyptians back to Tahrir Square. The reaction puts Egyptians’ readiness for democracy into question and anticipates future conflict after the runoff results within a few days. On May 23 around 23.6 million eligible voters cast their votes in Egypt’s first election following the January 25 uprising, approximately 46 percent of…

    The filtered ‘Noise of Cairo’

    BY CHITRA KALYANI Cairo: A protester waves a flag from a pole as a helicopter flies overhead. The image is etched in our minds, not simply from the revolution but from a time long ago: David aiming his slingshot at Goliath, man rising against machine, commoner raising a fist at the system. The flag-waving protester also raises the curtain to German filmmaker Heiko Lange’s documentary “The Noise of Cairo – A Documentary about Cairo, Art, and the Revolution.” Enter into the salon with singer Shaimaa Shaalan who explains that previously, due to the education and culture in Egypt, “we were…

    Thousands protest Mubarak verdict

    BY FARAH SAAFAN Cairo: Egyptians took to the streets on June 2 to protest the acquittal of Mubarak’s six security chiefs on charges of complicity in killing protesters. Protesters were also angered by the acquittal of the ousted president’s two sons Gamal and Alaa from corruption charges and the abuse of authority. If you can’t see the video, click here.

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