November 14, 2018

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  • In Pictures: Pro-Syria protest in Cairo

    Saudi Cleric Sheikh Mohamed Al-Arifi.

    CAIRO: Following a fiery sermon by controversial Saudi Arabian cleric Sheikh Mohamed Al-Arifi on Friday June 14 at Amr Ibn El Aas mosque, thousands of Mulsim worshippers chanted against the murderous regime of Bashaar Al-Asad. The protest ended in a charity drive to support Syrian refugees in Egypt. (Photos by Hassan Ibrahim) Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.

    Op-ed: Hands off Syria?

    Screen grab from an AFP video dated late September 2012, shows Syrian rebel fighters.

    BY HAROLD BROWN WASHINGTON, DC – More than any of the previous events in the Arab Spring, Syria’s turmoil has presented serious difficulties for Western policymakers. Just as Syria comprises a more complex society than the other Arab countries currently in the throes of political transition, so, too, are its external relations more complex. As a result, any attempt at decisive military intervention would be not only difficult, but also extremely risky. Syria’s leading role in Lebanon, even after withdrawing its occupying forces there, is only one complication. Another is Alawite-minority rule in a Sunni-majority country, which makes Syria a…

    Egypt’s stake in the Syrian revolution

    Numerous segments of the Egyptian public have thrown their weight behind “their” Syrian revolution and cheered for their team.

    BY AMRO ALI When Tahrir Square was not playing host to Egypt’s revolutionary sequels, it became one of the chief unofficial nerve centres of the Syrian Revolution. Thousands of fleeing Syrians quickly connected with Egyptian activism, coordinated with the Syrian National Council (SNC), raised awareness amongst Egyptians, set up tents, launched weekly protests, collected donations, hosted conferences, pressured the nearby Arab League, and disseminated information from inside Syria with international media outlets and journalists based in Cairo. Syrian activities could be found in the shadow of the Arab League building and on the steps of the Alexandria library, the Bibliotheca…

    What “Arab Spring”?

    In Egypt, where the military still seems to be holding all the cards even after the election of a new president, the Arab Spring seems like a distant dream as protesters have returned to Tahrir.

    BY FIRAS AL-ATRAQCHI Is anyone else tired of the bizarre label used to describe the upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa? Arab Spring. What on earth does it mean? Considering historical allusion, the “Spring” part is used in reference to such leaps in human development that came about during the Renaissance (French for rebirth), which is synonymous to the blossoming of flora as snow thaws; fresh brooks and creeks to run through the land, a time of re-invigoration, reformation, and reawakening. In a nutshell, think new beginnings. The first part of the term, Arab, is a misnomer. In…

    Syrian refugees tell their stories

    11-year-old Yasmeen shares her story on the Syrian Voices blog.

    BY MAURICE CHAMMAH Cairo: By necessity, the work proceeds in secret. A small group of activists and refugees are collecting and distributing goods to Egypt’s growing population of Syrian refugees, who have escaped increasing violence as the Free Syrian Army battles Bashar Al-Assad’s government. “We can no longer shoulder the amount of people coming in,” they say in a statement that circulates online. “There are approximately 2,000 Syrians in Egypt that have fled the violence and the number is slowly but steadily growing.” An activist who goes by the email handle Damascus Rebel visited a handful of the Syrian refugees,…

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