November 14, 2018

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  • Editorial: Egypt’s two presidents

    Screen grab shows President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF chief Tantawi.

    BY RANIA AL MALKY The election of Egypt’s first democratically chosen president since the beginning of history, Mohamed Morsi, was a dramatic overturning of this country’s political traditions in more ways than one. Morsi is neither the closest male descendant of the last Pharoah, nor the god of choice of the royal priests; nor does he hail from the Mohamed Ali dynasty or from the “superior breed” of military men who overthrew its last monarch. Most of all, he is possibly the only president on earth, not just in Egypt, who has publicly taken the oath of office three times….

    Morsi’s presidential challenges

    Screen grab of President Mohamed Morsi's historic first speech addressing the nation.

    BY SARAH EL SIRGANY Cairo: Egypt’s first civilian president-elect, Mohamed Morsi, will enter a turf war during his first days in office as the world watches the rise of Islamists in anticipation. The former head of the Freedom and Justice Party set five main issues to tackle in his first 100 days as the head of state: Crippling traffic, failing security, a crumbling garbage collection system as well as bread and fuel shortages. Yet the more pressing challenges Morsi will face as president in the coming days are infinitely more compound. Before he can assume his role as president, Morsi…

    Morsi to announce Cabinet in days

    The PEC announced that Morsi won 51.73 percent of the votes.

    BY EGYPT MONOCLE Cairo: Tahrir Square erupted in celebration as the head of Egypt’s Presidential Election Committee (PEC) announced the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi. PEC chief Farouk Sultan said that Morsi won 13,230,131 votes, accounting for 51.73 percent. His rival, the last Mubarak-era prime minister and military man Ahmed Shafik raked in 12,347,380 votes, which is 48.27 percent, in an election that saw 51 percent voter turnout, with over 26 million Egyptians showing up at the polls. During the press conference, Sultan detailed some of the main appeals filed by both candidates, and explained PEC’s decisions,…

    A toothless president?

    Screen grab shows Mamdouh Shahin during the press conference held on Monday.

    BY DALIA RABIE Cairo: Somewhere between casting the ballots and announcing a winner, the incoming president’s authorities were outlined through a constitutional declaration issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Late Sunday, SCAF published an addendum to the constitutional declaration complementing the one issued on March 30, 2011, arguably stripping the president of basic authorities, rendering him practically powerless. As SCAF broadened its powers, it chipped away at the authorities the elected president was expected to assume. In the face of criticism, SCAF member General Mohamed Al-Asaar assured in a press conference Monday that the elected president will…

    Pondering: ‘If I were president…’

    The posters read in calligraphy: “If I were president…”

    BY MAURICE CHAMMAH Cairo: Several weeks ago, an artist named Amado Alfadni began to post stickers and posters around downtown Cairo. His design was simple, with an abstract border framing a short sentence and several dotted lines. The sentence, split into two versions to address both men and women, reads in calligraphy: “If I were president…” The dotted lines solicit whoever passes by to fill in their own answer. Alfadni had picked the stark design over others with eagles and Egyptian flags, believing that they would distract people from writing on them. He started placing them around downtown Cairo, where…

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