November 14, 2018

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  • Scores killed as MOI denies using live shots

    Outside Zeinhom morgue crowds wheel in one of the victims of deadly police violence near the Rabaa mosque sit-in Saturday morning. (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)

    CAIRO – Tens of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi were killed in confrontations with security forces close to the site of a month-long massive sit-in, as the interior minister denies the police had “ever” shot any protesters. According to Al Jazeera, the exact death toll from Saturday’s violence was not immediately clear, the health ministry has put the figure at 60 killed so far, based on the number of bodies received at the morgue. However, doctors at the field hospital in Nasr City, where the pro-Morsi supporters have been gathering at the Rabaah Al-Adaweya Mosque, have put the number as…

    In Pictures: Anger lingers at Nahda Square after night of deadly clashes


    CAIRO – Late afternoon at Nahda Square, in the vicinity of Cairo University where tens of thousands of pro-Morsi protesters filled the area, men and women were angry and defiant following a night of deadly clashes. According to the health ministry, 16 people were killed and over 200 injured late Tuesday. Conflicting reports abound of how the clashes started, with Islamist TV channel Misr 25 claiming that all 16 victims were pro-Morsi protesters who were gunned down by “thugs” on Bein El Sarayat Street.  A counter claim alleges that it was the Islamists who began attacking neighborhood residents who were provoking them…

    Officers weigh in on military vote

    File photo of a polling station during last year's presidential elections. The SCC's ruling that army officers must be allowed to vote has stirred controversy.

    BY MAI SHAMS EL-DIN Cairo – Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) recently opined that the military and police have a constitutional right to vote, a ruling that sparked controversy over the possible politicization of both institutions already seen as having too much influence in politics. The ruling came as part of the SCC’s assessment of a reviewed version of the elections law by the Shoura Council, drafted in line with Egypt’s long-running tradition that bars army and police soldiers, conscripts and members of the security from voting while in service. The SCC deemed this part of the law as unconstitutional…

    Emotional catharsis in El-Maslaha

    Ahmed Ezz and Ahmed El Sakka in a scene from Sandra Nashaat’s “El-Maslaha”.

    BY MARIE-JEANNE BERGER Cairo: If it bleeds, it leads. We fallible human creatures gloat over destruction, delight in the horrible and the macabre, and choose to see terrible movies full of unnecessary violence to amuse ourselves. But it’s not as if violence is something rare: some sort of exceptional knowledge detached from our lived experience, isolated, occasional and infrequent. Violence is a frequent, necessary facet of experience. And don’t we get enough of it already? Susan Sontag used the opening phrase to censure society’s obsession with violence and trauma in news media and popular entertainment. Mulvey called it scopophilia: the…

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