November 17, 2019

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  • Egypt’s Salafyo Costa bring Christians, Muslims together

    BY SOPHIE ANMUTH and MARWA NASSER Cairo Clashes in Egypt between Muslims and Copts earlier this month have sparked fears of further sectarian violence for the Egyptian Copt minority, which makes up approximately 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 90 million. As a foreigner and a native Egyptian living in Cairo, we have both heard first-hand the stereotypes about faith relations in Egypt. For example, the one of us who grew up here remembers being five, in a middle-class neighbourhood in Cairo, and overhearing two schoolmates whispering and pointing at another girl: “She’s Christian”. They probably didn’t even understand what…

    Zero Dark Dirty

    BY ALI HAZZAH “When you lie to me, I hurt you.” This catch phrase, spoken in an ominously matter-of-fact tone by Dan (Jason Clarke), a veteran CIA agent, is heard early on in Kathryn Bigelow’s latest, “Zero Dark Thirty”. From an Arab or Muslim perspective, this highly controversial film is among the most grotesque, bigoted, history-rewriting Hollywood excreta to darken the silver screen since Otto Preminger’s Exodus. It is difficult, in fact, to assess what is most offensively repellent about this venal, tunnel-visioned film. Certainly Bigelow’s context-free historical interpretation of the killing of Osama bin Laden is as unconvincing as…

    Arab in NYC: Yom Kippur

    BY ALI HAZZAH New Yorkers have always accepted that there will be a certain amount of rough-elbowing between the various races, ethnicities and sometimes even competing religions that underlie the complicated social fabric of their city. Christmas is still big, for example. Ditto Yom Kippur, the Jewish Holy Day of atonement. Ramadan is not officially observed, nor are any of the other holidays in Islam (but then again, neither is, say, the Chinese New Year). No big deal, except perhaps when raw pork was found strewn on the grounds of a public park where New York City Muslims this year…

    Editorial: Another film crisis, what’s new?

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: There’s a good reason why Muslims around the world are angry and offended by the trailer of “Innocence of Muslims”, that inflammatory piece of anti-Islam propaganda which triggered an ongoing wave of aggression against US embassies in the Muslim world last week.As a Muslim, indeed as a human being who shares this earth with Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and the hundreds of thousands of adherents to a multitude of hyphenated faiths that have come to punctuate our post-modern world, my outrage at such an unjustified provocation is boundless. I will not apologize for that, nor…

    Dahshour and sectarianism

    BY KARIM MALAK The sectarian incident in Al Badrashin is a relatively low-level one. It does not measure up to the magnitude of violence that was associated with other incidents such as Al Kush’h or Zawya Al Hamra. The conflict itself was triggered by the killing of a Muslim by a Christian over a petty argument and the excessive Muslim backlash of burning Coptic shops and attacking the local church. Almost 120 Coptic families have allegedly been subjected to forced displacement. Both the government and the Church know that it’s a minor incident and this is probably why it will…

    Sectarianism: Pandora’s box

    BY KARIM MALAK Egyptian society oscillates between admitting it has a “sectarian” problem and denying it. When I say Egyptian society, I ask you to think beyond Cairo, Alexandria and urban areas. I am talking about areas that have witnessed what some international commentators would call massacres. Immediately one may ask what does the international community have to do with this; it’s an Egyptian problem. It is precisely this attitude of keeping “family problems within the family” that Egyptian society is symptomatic of. I will later come to the international element and the fascination that the West has with “sectarianism.”…

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