November 14, 2018

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  • Op-ed: Our fabled Arab rulers

    File photo of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

    BY AMRO ALI Saudi Arabia’s revered King Faisal once remarked: “If anyone feels wrongly treated, he has only himself to blame for not telling me. What higher democracy can there be?” This line of “reasoning” has permeated the thinking of Arab rulers in which somehow they are the personification of a popular mandate and that democratisation is misunderstood by the wider population. Yet it’s one thing when Arab rulers say it, it’s another when the Arab public quotes and endorses it. One of the ideational stumbling blocks to the Arab uprisings and democratic transitions is a public adept at citing…

    Mubarak on life support

    Screen grab from footage of Mubarak's last court appearance when he was sentenced to life for failing to stop the killing of protesters.

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: Amid a slew of leaks, rumors and official statements by anonymous sources, along with much fear-mongering, news of ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s deteriorating health was met with a massive dose of skepticism. Initial reports on Tuesday evening that Mubarak was dead, soon gave way to a report by an official Middle East News Agency (MENA) report that he was clinically dead and on life support. By late Tuesday one of his lawyers denied the news, saying that Mubarak was in a coma after suffering a brain stroke and that he was moved to the military…

    Anger at Mubarak verdict

    BY FARAH SAAFAN Cairo: The celebrations of the families of martyrs killed during the January uprising were short-lived when, within minutes of the announcement of Mubarak’s life sentence, the scene outside the court changed from tears of joy to screams of anger. Mubarak’s two sons, his security chief and six aids were acquitted of all charges. If you can’t see the video, click here.

    Thousands protest Mubarak verdict

    BY FARAH SAAFAN Cairo: Egyptians took to the streets on June 2 to protest the acquittal of Mubarak’s six security chiefs on charges of complicity in killing protesters. Protesters were also angered by the acquittal of the ousted president’s two sons Gamal and Alaa from corruption charges and the abuse of authority. If you can’t see the video, click here.

    Mubarak and the “verdict of the century”

    File photo of ousted president Mubarak in the dock.

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: Egyptians waiting to hear the thundering bang of the judge’s gavel announcing a guilty verdict against Mubarak his two sons and his security chiefs, shouldn’t hold their breath. Days before the verdict in the trial of the century — a superlative misnomer  — three starkly revealing issues dominate the city chatter, everywhere from virtual social networks to the coffee shops lining the capital’s winding alleys: the unexpected ascension of Mubarak’s last Prime Minister and unabashed loyal subject Ahmed Shafiq to the second round of the presidential race; the commuted five-year sentence handed down to policeman…

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