November 14, 2018

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  • Op-ed: Egypt’s democratic dictator?

    Screen capture shows anti-Morsi protesters in Tahrir Square in a sit-in against the president's recent constitutional declaration.

    BY OMAR ASHOUR CAIRO Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first-ever elected civilian president, recently granted himself sweeping temporary powers in order, he claims, to attain the objectives of the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship. But the decrees incited strong opposition from many of the revolutionary forces that helped to overthrow Mubarak (as well as from forces loyal to him), with protests erupting anew in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Morsi has thus been put in the odd position of having to defend his decision against the protesters while simultaneously making common cause with them. “I share your dream of a constitution for all…

    Op-ed: New faces, old lies, same denial

    Hundreds of thousands of protesters congregated in Tahrir Square on Tuesday chanting the same slogans they did against Mubarak two years ago.

    BY ASMAA EL GAMMAL The morning after Tuesday’s massive demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi’s recent constitutional declaration, the Freedom and Justice Party’s message was loud and clear: Tahrir is not to be taken seriously.   On the front page of the party’s newspaper, the headline read: “Revolutionaries, folol (former regime remnants) and peddlers in Tahrir Square. Disregarding the chants of tens of thousands of protesters outraged by the President’s declaration of invincible powers, the FJP’s mouthpiece chose to focus on a handful of corn-sellers to suggest that it was nothing more than a gathering of revolution-haters and petty salesmen.  …

    Turning point in Egypt’s militarization

    New Minister of Defense Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is sworn in.

    BY SARAH EL SIRGANY Cairo: President Mohamed Morsi’s decisions to force the retirement of Minister of Defense Hussein Tantawi and assume powers once awarded to the military, are a turning point in Egypt’s decades-long legacy of state militarization and a defining feature in the Muslim Brotherhood’s future relationship with the generals. Two hours before iftar on Sunday, Morsi ordered the retirement of Tantawi and the Armed Forces Chief of Staff Sami Anan and canceled an addendum to the interim constitution issued by the military in June, days before Morsi was elected president, in what was seen as a preemptive move…

    A toothless president?

    Screen grab shows Mamdouh Shahin during the press conference held on Monday.

    BY DALIA RABIE Cairo: Somewhere between casting the ballots and announcing a winner, the incoming president’s authorities were outlined through a constitutional declaration issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Late Sunday, SCAF published an addendum to the constitutional declaration complementing the one issued on March 30, 2011, arguably stripping the president of basic authorities, rendering him practically powerless. As SCAF broadened its powers, it chipped away at the authorities the elected president was expected to assume. In the face of criticism, SCAF member General Mohamed Al-Asaar assured in a press conference Monday that the elected president will…

    SCAF ups powers

    Screen grab from a previous press conference by head of SCAF and Defence Minister Filed Marshall Hussein Tantawi.

    BY AMIRA SALAH-AHMED AND DALIA RABIE Cairo: Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) issued a constitutional declaration late Sunday, broadening its powers just hours before the preliminary results of the presidential election, and three days after dissolving parliament. The document complements the one issued on March 30, 2011 — after the January uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak and installed SCAF as Egypt’s de facto ruler. The 63-article March decree was based on an earlier public referendum on 10 constitutional amendments. A majority of Egyptians voted yes in the referendum and had their voice reflected in part of the…

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