September 22, 2018

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  • Officers weigh in on military vote

    File photo of a polling station during last year's presidential elections. The SCC's ruling that army officers must be allowed to vote has stirred controversy.

    BY MAI SHAMS EL-DIN Cairo – Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) recently opined that the military and police have a constitutional right to vote, a ruling that sparked controversy over the possible politicization of both institutions already seen as having too much influence in politics. The ruling came as part of the SCC’s assessment of a reviewed version of the elections law by the Shoura Council, drafted in line with Egypt’s long-running tradition that bars army and police soldiers, conscripts and members of the security from voting while in service. The SCC deemed this part of the law as unconstitutional…

    MPs avoid PA showdown

    Salafi MPs march from Tahrir Square towards the PA building. (Photo by Sarah El Sirgany)

    BY SARAH EL SIRGANY and RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: It was hyped up as a confrontation between military-led state institutions and election legitimacy, but the anticlimactic arrival of a handful of members of the recently dissolved parliament on Tuesday revealed that no one had confrontation in mind except some enthusiastic protesters. On Monday night, an official at the Freedom and Justice Party, whose MPs constitute the bigger part of the Islamist majority, said that MPs will march to parliament on Tuesday to attend the session as scheduled. The same official, Yasser Ali, was vague about the prospect of confrontation. The…

    SCAF vs. PA in final showdown

    Protesters face barbed wire and military police outside the SCC on Thursday.

    BY RANIA AL MALKY Cairo: The political atmosphere in Egypt has reached a fever pitch, hours before an anticipated amendment to the interim constitution is to be issued by the ruling army council (SCAF), according to state media. As a dwindling number of voters cast their vote in the runoff to the presidential election, which pits Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafik against the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi, a showdown between the Islamist dominated People’s Assembly and SCAF is set to culminate in a complementary constitutional decree that would define the powers of the president and give SCAF legislative authority….

    Court allows Shafik to run

    Some protested the presidential bid of Shafik in front of the Constitutional Court.

    Cairo: In a landmark verdict, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) Thursday declared unconstitutional amendments to the political participation law that would have resulted in the exclusion of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik. In the same highly anticipated session, the court upheld a previous lower court ruling that the law governing parliamentary elections was unconstitutional, hence annulling the legislative elections. The court case against the parliament law challenged four articles allowing political parties to field candidates to contest seats allocated to non-partisan individuals. According to initial news reports about the ramifications of the second ruling, this will result in the dissolution of…

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