November 14, 2018

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  • Dozens injured in Sharqiya street fights


    CAIRO – Dozens of were injured Thursday in Zagazig city in Sharqiya when supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood exchanged birdshot and threw rocks at each other. A group of pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators gathered to stage marches in several areas to denounce President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster. As some clashed with a group of anti-Morsi protesters, several shop fronts were destroyed and dozens suffered cuts and bruises. Police broke up the fight using teargas and arrested 11 people on charges of instigating violence. Dozens were treated on the spot while 30 were transferred to Zagazig New General Hospital. Source: Aswat…

    In Pictures: Anger lingers at Nahda Square after night of deadly clashes


    CAIRO – Late afternoon at Nahda Square, in the vicinity of Cairo University where tens of thousands of pro-Morsi protesters filled the area, men and women were angry and defiant following a night of deadly clashes. According to the health ministry, 16 people were killed and over 200 injured late Tuesday. Conflicting reports abound of how the clashes started, with Islamist TV channel Misr 25 claiming that all 16 victims were pro-Morsi protesters who were gunned down by “thugs” on Bein El Sarayat Street.  A counter claim alleges that it was the Islamists who began attacking neighborhood residents who were provoking them…

    In Pictures: Violent clashes mar anti-judiciary protest


    Thousands of protesters belonging to Islamist parties, led by the ruling Freedom and Justice, gathered in front of Egypt’s Supreme Court to demand a purge of the judiciary in a scene that descended into chaos as they clashed with anti-Islamists, hurling stones and firing buckshot and Molotovs at each other, leaving over 100 wounded. Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.  

    Op-ed: The absurdity of ideology

    Screen grab in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace shows an Egypt that is literally splint in half as army erects concrete barriers to contain the violence between pro and anti-Morsi protesters.

    BY REHAM BARAKAT One of the most common phrases I’ve been hearing recently is “Egypt has plunged into chaos” followed by a nod by everybody around the table. Next comes the unanimous admission that “the country is now polarized,” substantiated by a statement that “the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters are pitted against everyone else.” Again everyone nods their head. The grand finale is “Mubarak was right when he said it is either me or chaos,” which is when the nodding of head actually stops and very bitter arguments ensue. There are those who agree with the fact that Mubarak…

    Op-ed: Freedom, blasphemy, and violence

    Screen grab shows clashes between protesters and security forces near the US embassy in Cairo.

    BY ARYEH NEIER PARIS  Violent attacks on US diplomatic outposts across North Africa and the Middle East have once again raised the question of how to respond when Americans and other Westerners engage in provocative expression that others consider blasphemous. Though the attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, in which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three members of his staff were murdered, may well have been planned, as the State Department has maintained, the killers clearly exploited the opportunity created by outrage at an anti-Muslim film produced in the US. There have been several episodes in recent years…

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