November 14, 2018

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  • Op-ed: Freedom, blasphemy, and violence

    Screen grab shows clashes between protesters and security forces near the US embassy in Cairo.

    BY ARYEH NEIER PARIS  Violent attacks on US diplomatic outposts across North Africa and the Middle East have once again raised the question of how to respond when Americans and other Westerners engage in provocative expression that others consider blasphemous. Though the attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, in which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three members of his staff were murdered, may well have been planned, as the State Department has maintained, the killers clearly exploited the opportunity created by outrage at an anti-Muslim film produced in the US. There have been several episodes in recent years…

    Welcome to Egypt: Down memory lane

    A return to the Zamalek building 15 years later triggered unexpected sentiments.

    BY MARIE-JEANNE BERGER When I was a child I lived on one of those sepia-coloured roads off of Brazil street in Zamalek. The ones with the big leafy trees. People ask me if I remember this part of my life, and sometimes I think that maybe I construct these memories. I see the images that I have seen many times since — the ones of me in Alexandria at the Cecil, or in front of the train station, clutching my toy rifle and rabbit, wearing the mary-janes and smocked dresses and boater hats that made me look just like Madeline….

    Play On With Rami: Adam Awad

    Photo by Nada Elissa.

    We’re Back! Today on the Podcast we have local musician Adam Awad. The half-British half-Egyptian all awesome guy has a unique folk style which is rare to come across in Egypt. He tells us about growing up bouncing around from the UK to Saudi and then finally Egypt. Find out why he almost never continued as an artist due to rave reviews of his first recording and listen to a premiere of his latest song “Simplicity” on the podcast. He currently is in the Rolling Stones Middle East’s competition Street To Stage, so make sure to go over to…

    The two sides of Ramadan

    People from all walks of life go out of their way to come to Cairo in Ramadan.

    BY DARAH RATEB ‘Tis the season to be cranky” seems to be the daily jingle ringing in the ears of many Egyptians this Ramadan. With the long hours of summer delaying the intonations of the Maghrib call to prayer exacerbating the fasting nation’s frustrations, along with the excessive power cuts all over Egypt, it’s easy to forget at face value just how special this month is. People from all walks of life go out of their way to come to Cairo in Ramadan, but what is it that amplifies this city’s charm during the holy month? It’s hard to put…

    The filtered ‘Noise of Cairo’

    Street artists express the immediate thrill of witnessing the dam broken.

    BY CHITRA KALYANI Cairo: A protester waves a flag from a pole as a helicopter flies overhead. The image is etched in our minds, not simply from the revolution but from a time long ago: David aiming his slingshot at Goliath, man rising against machine, commoner raising a fist at the system. The flag-waving protester also raises the curtain to German filmmaker Heiko Lange’s documentary “The Noise of Cairo – A Documentary about Cairo, Art, and the Revolution.” Enter into the salon with singer Shaimaa Shaalan who explains that previously, due to the education and culture in Egypt, “we were…

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