February 7, 2016

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  • In Pictures: Selections from Tahrir, Ittihadiya, Nasr City

    CAIRO – On the last Friday before planned June 30 mass rallies called for by grassroots Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign demanding early presidential elections, pro and anti-Morsi protestors flexed their muscles with coordinated street action across the nation.

    In Tahrir Square, where throngs of anti-Morsi protesters converged and have started a sit-in, and in Nasr City at Rabaa El Adaweyya Mosque Square, where their opponents congregated in the tens of thousands, the day went by in peace.

    But parallel protests in Alexandria, where two were killed during clashes between both sides – one of them and American who was stabbed to death – and mobs set ablaze a Freedom and Justice Party (FJP – President Morsi’s party) headquarters and there were reports of exchanges of live fire and buckshot. Four of the MB members caught in the attach were reportedly in critical condition.

    One leading figure in the Tamarod campaign alleged in a phone interview on a local channel Friday night that the attack was sparked by FJP members from inside their building.

    A similar attack on an FJP headquarters took place in Aga in the Delta province of Dakahleya.

    Over the past few days five other Muslim Brotherhood members were killed in in copycat attacks outside Cairo.

    According to a health ministry spokesman late Friday, the protests left just under 140 injured.

    All photos by Hassan Ibrahim.

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