February 7, 2016

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    For questions, suggestions or inquiries, please email us at editor@egyptmonocle.com.

    6 Responses to “Contact Us”
    1. al nuby says:

      Hello: iam so glad to receive your email for the first time;
      i ama professor of maxillofacial surgery in a north American University and i am Nubian ,at last some one talked about the Nubians.
      .We the Nubians have been treated less than normal ,our land was stolen our heritage has been destructed and our culture has been placed under the Nile and the greatest insults is to label the flooding lake Nasser this is the name of a person who disseminated the Nubias .,that lake should have be called the Nubian lakes not lake Nasser in honour of the Nubias who had to leave their home so that Egypt can avoid the Nile flooding .

      we the Nubians have not been compensated by any means . some of our people have been jailed for speaking the truth about the oppression the Nubians by the former corrupt Egyptian.the former government of Nasser sadat and Mubarek were the most racist government encountered by the nubians
      its time for the new Egypt to give the Nubians what is due to them ,universities governesses and the right
      to elect thir own governor and the right to control their Nubian land and above all compensation for what they lost.,and lets us have a policy of inclusion not exclusion
      K.B Al N uby

    2. I have got not too long ago started a site, the information an individual present on this web site has helped my family greatly. Thank you for your moment & operate.

    3. Dahlia Sabbour says:

      Mabrouk ya Ranya :-) Looks great!

    4. Catherine Amin says:

      I so enjoyed reading the DNE for the past six years and keeping up with what is really going on in Egypt. Just found The Monocle today and thrilled that DNE has morphed into The Monocle. All the best!

    5. Steve York says:

      Egypt Monocle is looking good. Big congratulations and very best wishes for continued success. Egypt needs a truly independent English language news source, and you’re doing it.

    6. Mobashir Hasan says:

      Dear Team TEM,

      Congrats and wish you all the best for the new endeavor.

      I am exalted to see the Team DNE back with a big bang. Feel like virtually scanning a print version and at the same time watching live the TEM on the grey. Kudos and hats off.

      All the best.

      Mobashir Hasan
      Press Attache
      Embassy of Pakistan

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