November 17, 2019

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  • About Us

    In the age of hypermedia, The Egypt Monocle looks beyond the news. We provide an authentic voice combining journalistic best practice with local insight to produce contextualized, incisive knowledge – not just information.

    Building on our team’s vast experience in generating breaking news, we aim to go the extra mile, filling a gaping hole in local media coverage by providing deeper analytical perspectives on political, business and social issues, as well as signature coverage of Egypt’s rich and vibrant culture and lifestyle scene.

    In today’s fast-paced, sound-byte culture, the basics of journalism are often overlooked. Our aim is to assuage this failure through an emphasis on human interest stories and coverage of development issues touching local communities, in effect, giving voice to the voiceless.

    Through our integration of multimedia content, we will provide a multifaceted look at the news in an age where the medium is the message.

    We aim to create Egypt’s first integrated digital multi-platform media outlet in English, owned and operated by the editors and journalists themselves using a business model unique to the local industry.

    Who Are We?

    As the editors and journalists behind the Daily News Egypt from its inception in 2005 until its closure in April 2012, we are the only team with the experience of producing both an independent English-language daily — the country’s first — along with an updated online news site.

    We were also the first to harness the power of social media in Egypt and were among the first to introduce multimedia content online. Between 2009 and 2012, we secured over 93,000 followers on Twitter for DNE (before the title was acquired by an Arabic paper) as well as 5,000 Facebook fans and over 2,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, which garnered almost 2 million views.

    Our staff members have also built a strong social media following, locally and globally, as reliable journalists from the region.

    This is the team behind the new, more modern media brand: The Egypt Monocle, currently a self-funded project in incubation.

    Over the past seven years, we cultivated a reputation for being professional, objective journalists, whose work was followed and appreciated by a wide spectrum of readers, from all walks of life, including industry professionals. The local and international media’s reaction to DNE’s sudden closure is testament to the quality and reliability of our work.

    As a female-dominated venture on the management and editorial levels, we always stood out, both in Egypt and the region.

    Our internship program over the years has attracted aspiring journalists from prestigious universities in Egypt and abroad; and we are credited for having trained and nurtured countless media talents in varying fields who went on to join global media giants such as CNN, Al-Jazeera, Reuters and Bloomberg, as well as local media outlets including our competition.

    This is the team that will be the driving force behind The Egypt Monocle, a unique addition to the local English-language media scene.


    Publisher/Managing Director

    Rania Al Malky was the Editor-in-Chief of Daily News Egypt, Egypt’s only independent daily newspaper in English and then local publishing partner of the International Herald Tribune, from 2006-2012. The only female editor of a daily national newspaper, she published a widely-read weekly column tackling local political and social issues, for which she was shortlisted for the prestigious Anna Lindh Journalism Award in 2011. Her journalism career began in 1998 when she joined Egypt’s foremost current affairs monthly magazine Egypt Today, where she was a writer and Associate Editor until she traveled to London in 2005 to obtain a Masters Degree in Journalism with distinction from Westminster University as a Chevening Scholar. Her special focus was on online journalism, for which she created a website reviewing Egyptian political blogs. Her previous MA in English and Comparative Literature, also with honors, was obtained from the American University in Cairo.

    Co-Founder/Business Editor

    Amira Salah-Ahmed was the Business Editor of Daily News Egypt (affiliate of the International Herald Tribune) from July 2007-April 2012. She was mainly tasked with creating and developing the business section of the newspaper. During this time she covered all aspects of Egypt’s business and economy as well as trained young journalists with no prior business reporting experience. This is in addition to other responsibilities that came with being one of the 4-person team of main editors, which together put out the newspaper — overseeing the entire news cycle (from assigning news stories to proofreading and signing off on the designed pages) – update the website as well as created and developed DNE’s social media network. Previously she worked as a Communications Specialist for a USAID-funded economic policy reform project following two years as assistant editor and writer at Egypt Today and Business Today Egypt monthly magazines.  She studied journalism at the American University in Cairo. She has also co-authored a book, along with five other bloggers and journalists, about Egypt’s 18-day uprising, which has so far been published in Italian (“I Diari Della Rivoluzione”, Fandango Libri) and Arabic (“Tahrir Memoirs”, Dar Al Shorouq). Other interests include creative writing, namely poetry and short stories, which she publishes regularly on her blog.

    Co-founder/Senior Editor

    Dalia Rabie graduated from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2004. Her work in the Caravan, the student-produced newspaper, further motivated her to pursue a career in the field. She freelanced for different publications including Egypt Today and Community Times until she landed a job at Daily News EgyptShe had started off at Daily News as a copy editor but shifted her focus to developing the features section and worked my way up to eventually handle her own page. Her work as the Features Editor of the paper entailed assigning and editing articles that covered social and human-interest topics as well as in depth investigative and analysis pieces.

    Co-founder/Contributing Editor

    Sarah El Sirgany is a Cairo-based journalist and writer. She was the deputy editor of Daily News Egypt and has co-authored I Diari Della Rivoluzione and Mozakarat El-Tahrir (The Diaries of the Revolution), published by Fandango Libri in Italy and Dar Al-Shorouk in Egypt respectively. She blogs at and tweets at @ssirgany. She was listed among top 100 Arabs with presence on Twitter by Forbes Middle East in 2011.

    Co-founder/Arts & Culture Editor

    Joseph Fahim is a film and cultural critic. As the former Arts and Culture editor of Daily News Egypt, Fahim has been deeply involved with the Egyptian and Arab culture scene since 2006, covering every art discipline with a particular emphasis on film. He has covered various film and art festivals around the globe, ranging from Dubai and Doha to Berlin, St. Petersburg, Russia and Harare, Zimbabwe. He has given various lectures on film in Egypt. He has also given a number of workshops on film criticism and has acted as a film consultant for several international festivals and TV stations. He has published more than 700 in depth articles. He has profiled various award-winning filmmakers, including Venice’s Golden Lion Winners Anh Hung Tran and Andrei Zvyagintsev, Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi and French comic book artist/director Marjane Satrapi.  His articles have been translated into Arabic and German and have been quoted in some of the biggest publications and news services in the world, including the Guardian UK, Newsweek and Reuters.  Currently, Fahim is writing for Variety Arabia, the Middle-East version of the famous Variety magazine. 

    7 Responses to “About Us”
    1. nagham81 says:

      Proud of you all. All the best.

    2. wael afifi says:

      Best of luck!

      Is it possible to submit articles to your publication? What would be the best way to submit n article or a review?

    3. Mobashir Hasan says:

      Wish you all the best.

    4. Under “About Us” could you list who the journalists and editors are? Your outlook? Philosophy? I am not comfortable posting material when I don’t know who is writing (or funding) it. OK, it does say you were the Daily News – but as a new publication, it might be nice if you simply state who is involved just as other news outlets and blogs do. Wishing you the best.

      • joseph says:

        good point Sherifa. I would also be interested in knowing more about revenue stream (ie. public/private funds, business models, sponsors, ads) and “political” approach

        • Anonymous says:

          My understanding is that this website until now is based on volunteer work by the group of journalists until they actually do find an investor… they are currently developing their business model and have no sponsors or funds.. they are volunteering their time, effort and money to put up this new project which doesn’t adopt a specific “political” approach because it’s not their role to adopt political approaches.. this is about investigating and analyzing news!

          Best of luck..

    5. Hanan says:

      Good luck!
      Wish the team success with this new venture and hope that you give a lot of attention to the local cultural scene which I feel does not get the proper coverage it deserves.

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